General FAQ

General FAQ

How can I get support in case I have questions or problems using your software?

You can navigate through our FAQ section and tutorial section for fast solutions; or, you can always contact us via email:

I can't get the emails you send, why?

Your email service provider (ESP), may have classified our emails as spam due to their algorithms, although we did not and will not send unwanted emails. To make sure you can receive our emails in your inbox instead of bulk or junk folders, you should whitelist “” first. But of course you can revert your action of whitelisting us anytime you want.

For Gmail:
Click “Settings – Filters Tab – Create A New Filter”
In “From” field, enter “” to and click “Next Step”
Select “Never send it to Spam” and click “Create Filter”

For Hotmail:
Click “Options – More Options – Preventing Junk e-mail”
Click “Safe and Blocked senders – Safe Senders”
In the “Sender or domain to mark as safe” field, enter “” and click “Add to list”

For Yahoo Mail:
Click “Options – Mail Options – Filters”
Click “Add Filter” and specify a filter name
In the “Sender” field, choose “Contains” and enter “”
In the “Move the Message to” field, choose “Inbox”, then click Save Changes

Accordion Panel

Maybe the program you download is not the full package due to unstable connection or other potential reasons. Please try to download it again or use a downloader program to download it.

How can I uninstall your programs?

For Mac users:
To uninstall our program on Mac, you can just drag it to the bin (‘Trash’ in Apple’s unchangeable US English) from the Applications folder, very straightforward.

For Windows users:
You can find our program in the Start menu and choose the uninstall option; or you can click “Start” button, choose “Control Panel”, click “Applications” in the Control Panel, find our program you installed, right-click on it and choose “Uninstall”; or you can right-click on our program’s shortcut and choose “Properties – Open File Location” to open the install folder of our program, in which you can use the launch the uninstall.exe file to uninstall it.

Can I write some reviews of your programs?

Of course you can. You are welcomed to write reviews about all our software. Meanwhile, you can send us your reviews, testimonials as well as suggestions via email.

Who should I get in touch with if I have questions about business cooperation?

Please feel free to contact us at and our team will direct you to the person in charge for further information.

Can I translate your program to my native language?

Yes, please help us with interface translation into your native language if it’s not available. Please contact us at and your contribution will be appreciated and you will receive a license for our shareware products.